Starter Pack Primary School

Explore the world of innovative education with our Primary School Lesson Lifesaver Starter Pack, perfectly crafted for home educators, parents, teachers, and childminders. This toolkit enriches the educational experience, serving as a key resource for creativity and engagement across learning environments.

Why Choose Our Starter Pack:

  • Neurodiversity Embraced: Tailored for inclusivity, our activities support all learners, especially those with autism, PDA, and other neurodiverse conditions, by promoting engagement and accommodating diverse learning styles in a stress-minimized environment.
  • Explore Without Limits: Break away from traditional constraints with our exploratory learning activities, designed to engage and enlighten anywhere. This pack encourages adventures in learning, whether at home or in nature, fostering exploration and curiosity.
  • Simplicity and Depth: With easy-to-use cards covering essential skills and knowledge, integrating enriching education into daily life has never been easier. Each card is a gateway to curiosity, aiming to inspire a lifelong passion for learning and build a solid foundation for academic and personal development.

Inside the Pack:

Find a collection of 24 engaging lesson cards for primary-aged learners, offering unique learning experiences tailored to each child’s interests. With clear instructions and adaptable strategies, the pack ensures an inclusive, enjoyable learning journey for everyone.

Embark on a Learning Odyssey:

Our Lesson Lifesaver Starter Pack is more than educational material; it’s a gateway to learning and exploration, designed to bring educators and families together for joyful learning experiences that go beyond traditional education. Discover the joy of learning with us and witness the flourishing of your child or students in an inclusive and engaging educational environment.

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"Absolutely brilliant resource! The Lesson Lifesavers have been a game-changer in our homeschool routine. The variety and depth of the content are just perfect for my 8-year-old. Highly recommend!"


"Fantastic! These cards make learning so much fun and engaging. My two kids are always excited for what's next. A must-have for any home educator."

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