Home Educator Map

Welcome to our Educator Map, a growing resource designed to connect and support the home education community. While we’re diligently working to populate this map with valuable venues and resources, we acknowledge that it’s very much a work in progress.

But here’s the exciting part – you can contribute too!

If you know of a venue, resource, or location that has been beneficial in your home education journey, we’d love to hear about it. By sharing your experiences, you’re helping to enrich this tool and extend its benefits to other home educators.

Simply fill out the contact form below to submit your suggestions. Please include as much information as possible about the venue or resource, such as its name, location, and how it supports home education.

Remember, every little bit of information helps in creating a more comprehensive and useful map for all.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and contributions as we continue to develop this tool. Together, we’re building a more connected and supportive home education community.

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